Monday, April 21, 2008

Who is this kid??

This kid showed up at our place last saturday. He claims that he is a Phillips. We have taken him in because he is just so dang cute- hopefully he is well behaved too !!

Can you believe it !! He finally cut his hair. It has been 2 long years. He promised us that he would cut it when his team made it to states and thank goodness they made it to states !!! He had over 10 inches and was able to join his sister in the donate to locks of love club.

Dman's photo shoot and more

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lost but now I'm found

I have no real excuse to why I have not blogged in forever, but I will try to be back more often. I have read through my posts and realized there is so much that you all are missing out on. We wnt to canada, froze our booties off, didnt win the championship but had a great time nontheless. Dmans team came in first place in the norcal season and went to playoffs- won- and went to san diego for state championships. Didnt win down there- those socal teams were able to pull it off and beat us. All games were close- a lot of tied games that went into over time. Amber's indoor soccer team went undefeated this session and ended up losing their championship game 5 to 6 . She is having a blast and loving it. On to Ty and Ava- what can I say. They are wild and drving me nuts the majority of the time. Ty is rockin in school and can and does play every sport possible. Ava has her dance rectial coming up. She is dancing to " annie- the sun will come out tomorrow." then it goes straightinto a "hard knock life" the jay z version. Its absolutley adorable. Lastly Drew and I are working hard keeping things going for us and are just trying to enjoy every minute that we can. We cant believe how fast time has gone by. I have tons of picture to posts so stay tuned.