Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Kissing Hand.....enough said

Well I made to day 3 of kindergarden then the flood gates opened. The Kissing Hand is by far one of my favorite books ever ( Skippy jonjones definetly comes in second)!! I recommend it to any and all with school aged children. I thought I made it free and clear since Ava's teacher didnt read the story while the parents were in the classroom ( like with all of my other kids) until Ava brought this home for me today. I will proudly carry on my busy way today with puffy swollen eyes and I will continue to place my "kissing hand" to my cheek everytime my baby hops out of the car.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First day of school- 2009

My empty car ride home...

The day finally came. All 4 of my children are in school. Dman in 7th. Amber new to middle school in 6th. Tyson, the big sibling on campus, in 2nd grade. And my baby started kindergarden. All of them are so excited for this year. They have great teachers and lots of good friends in their classes. I was proud to keep my eyes dry today, but I feel the emotional break down coming on. When I dropped the last one off, I realized that Ava has been my partner, just her, for so long. she is always in the car with me. She does all the drop off and picks up, she keeps me company, sings with me on the drives, and reminds me which way to turn ( backseat driver thing kinda drives me nuts- but im gonna miss it). What am I going to do now? I will continue to sing, probably miss a few turns and be wishing I had a few more years with my baby before she grows up on me. Of course she went to class so excitied, waved goodbye to me and dad, and didnt look back just as the older ones did. The best part is seeing them walk to the car to be picked up. All dying to tell me about their day. Dman is now the "big" 7th grader and will hold that over Ambers head all year. Amber thinks middle school " is the coolest thing EVER" and cant wait to go back. Tyson said his teacher is super awesome because they get to tell jokes at the end of everyday. And Ava gets her very own kindergarden bag tomorrow. Im glad i survived today.... tomorrow will be a different story.

My new Priesthood holder

Wow- 12 already. Dman turned twelve on august 5th and was ordanded on the following sunday. That very next tuesday we were able to go with him to the temple to do baptisms and then watch him pass the sacrament that sunday. He has already had a rafting trip and tonight is the "back to school" dance at the stake center. I feel it is all happening tooo fast. But its more that I dont want to admit that he is 12 than anything else. Onto another church stage: young mens.

I told Drew to watch out. Hes been in primary with me for a while, so Im sure they will put him back into young mens soon.

Thanks for being such an awesome kid Dman. We couldnt be more proud of you. Your relationship with the Lord and your willingness to obey the spirit is an inspiration to your family. We love you

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My afternoon

The day was going pretty good. We hung out and cleaned the house. Watched some iCarly, and were just headed out to give the car a much needed bath when this happened:

Amber: "Mommy, there was a baby lizard and Ava killed it"
Tyson: " it was tiny , it was the size of an eyebrow. Now hes dead"

Tyson: " she rand him over and crushed his heart
Amber:" and now he is in pieces"

Ava: " whatever, I did not !!!

Ava: " well they told me to"
Mom: " to what?"
Ava:" Run him over !!!"

Tyson is still in mourning. Its been about an hour. Needless to say- I wont be going out to clean my car since that is the scene of the crime. Dman is "CSI" out there now. Horactio Cane maybe coming to my door soon.

When did she grow up....

Here we are with Jennie at her BRIDAL SHOWER !! I cant believe it. She has been one of my best buddies. She was in our first primary class that we taught. I remember her baptism, I've been her young womens leader, been there through first dates and heartbreaks and now she is all grown up and getting married. Im feeling rather old !We couldnt be happier for her. She has an amazing guy and such a bright future ahead.

We love you, Jennie