Monday, September 29, 2008

With a pinecone, please

This pinecone has been a part of our family for years now. It has moved 3 times with us and has been on several family vacations. It's Tyson's pinecone. He picked it out of a million others outside the condo in Tahoe. His pinecone lives on the desk in his room and is goes to school once a year when he is star of the week. Mr.Pinecone has been watching his back lately....

Little miss Avarie cracked us up at baskin robbins the other night.
Ava ( in her most valley girl voice while flipping her hair)asked for " um I want a scoop of the purple and pink ice cream with a pinecone please " The cute ice cream scooper went right along with it and asked her is she wanted a sugar or regular pinecone.

I promise Mr. Pinecone- I will protect you and keep you safe from Ava !!

This one is 4 you, Aubrey

I am risking being in trouble with my man, but I could not help myself. Last winter Drew had a little adventure in our side yard that included the mustang and my excursion. Thank goodness Aubrey came to my rescue with her AAA card and giggles. Aubrey and I and the tow truck guy we cracking up the whole time while we were trying to get my truck out of the mud. Who would have figured that my big truck would get stuck in the mud trying to pull my little car out of the mud before it got stuck. Let me just tell you how embarrassing the phone conversation was with AAA.
Me: Hello, i need to get a tow service for my truck.
AAA: are you in a safe location?
Me: ummm yah
AAA: where is your car located??
Me: umm in my backyard.
AAA: is it near concrete??
Me: uummm... yah
AAA: how far away from the driveway?
Me: about a foot and a half..
AAA: should I even ask how it got stuck in your backyard so close to you driveway?
Me: Nope, please dont ask, ( then laughter on both ends of the phone)

Aubrey an I had such a blast trying to get this thing out off the mud. It was totally raining but we were out there with our cameras> I had to include the picture of the mustang. That baby still looks great !!

Well, Just Because.....

How sweet is that !! Thank you to my awesome husband .... I love ya...