Friday, January 11, 2008

Ava's 1st day of Primary

catch up still...

I have so much to catch up on but I am so focused on that, that I am falling behind on the current things. We are getting ready to leave for canada in a few days and I am getitng nervous. I am sure it will be great fun and the kids will at home will have great fun, but Boy am I stressed. I have been taking a lot of deep breaths and counting to 10. Tyson is turning six next week and he is getting excited about that. Me too- another year with no broken bones or major accidents, huge accomplishment for him. Tonight he is in for a huge surprise. We have hockey practice so all the boys on the team are throwing him a surprise party after practice. Some of the San Jose Shark players are coming out for a special event at the rink this afternoon and we ( yes, I am more excited about it than the kids are) get to hang out with them and get autographs and pics. !!!

I have definelty moved on to the next phase of my life, especially in the " church" world. Sunday was Ava's first day in primary. My baby is a Sunbeam. That means all 4 of my children are in primary and there are no more babies to take to nursery. I had a hard time at her blessing, knowing that she was my last baby to be blessed, but sunday was even more emotional for me. I am the secretary so I am in there with her, but when I heard he voice in singing time while I was in the back of the room, I completely fell apart. When did this happen? When did my baby grow up? It's not just her that has been bringing me to tears lately, dman has been to. He just keeps growing up in front of me and I cant accept it. Can you believe the first grandchild born will be starting middle school soon ?? Ok, deep breath ... count ot 10... I'm better now.

I am off to dance class and an eneving with the sharks....... saty tuned......

Ode to Amber

Well, here she is, the Queen of the rubix cube. Atleast she is in our house. Last night she about popped a blood vessle with excitement when she got all of one color completed. This morning she accomplished another colr and within mnutes she had done another. Now we just have to work on getting all the colors done at the same time !! And yes, I verified, she did not remove the stickers !!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Tyson's performance

Tyson's had an adorable thanksgiving show at school. They have been learning about the pilgrims and read a story called" the relative's came". So as a surpirse all the kindergarteners aprent and relatives knocked on the classroom door and " came" in just when they got to that part of the book. We all then went into the cafateria to watch the show. Thank you to our relatives who came !!!

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Where have I been

Wow, its been along time ! I cant say that I have been off doing exciteing things, but I can say that I have been busy. Since my last posts we have been woking like crazy, ate lots of turkey, played in 3 tournaments, several indoor soccer games, decorated for Christmas ( I love saying Christmas and not " holidays" ) indecorated for christmas and dealt with plenty of mud !!

Let's play catch up !!

Halloween was fun- we meet the Thompson's and loaded our bags with more candy than we could ever need. Dman was a referee, Tyson a pirate ( Jack Sparrow), Amber was sakajuea ( ??) pocahontas is easier to spell and ava was a fairy. I was so cute because Brayden was a pirate and Brynlee was a fairy. We topped the night off with some round table pizza- yum !!. NOvember was also very exciting for us. Thanksgiving was great as usual. A little different for us this year because Drew had to work. We is working like crazy these days between the hockey proshop- 2 rinks and coaching. Someday this market will come back and we can get back on our feet. The day after Thanksgiving Dman had a tournament in San Jose. And yes, our team,( I totally claim them because Drew is the coach, I am the manager and they rock !!) Won the whole tournament. They won 6 games in 4 days. With that win, it qualified them to play in the International Silver stick tournament in Sarnia, Canada. The is like the little league world series for hockey. So yes, we ( drew, Dman, and I) are heading to the freezing cold canada for some hockey. Dman is so ecxited. This is such a huge accomplishment and he got a passport !!!!!