Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ava's Big Day !!

That's My GIRL !!!

Yesterday was the big day. The day we have all been waiting for, Ava's big performance. After months of dance classes every friday afternoon and weeks of watching the " annie" movie over and over she finally got to show us her stuff at her recital. The song was adorable- it started out as the sun will come out tomorrow ( hence the watching of annie) and ended with the hard knock life. Very cute. She was so excited all day and did a great job. I did just as I always do when I am so excited for my kids. I watch with tears filling my eyes. I have no idea if I am actually recording because I cant watch and record at the same time- plus my vision is blurred from the tears of happiness that are filling up. I think I got more excited that she did. This did also spark some interest in Amber as she has vowed never to dance again. She said she will do it as long as it is hip-hop and she gets a cool outfit. I think I might be in some trouble with her. As for my little dancer, she will continue to dance, were pink, and be a cheerleader. I have to have atleast one girlie girl !!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Just thought that I would throw it out there, If anyone out there has a spare mini van sitting in there garage or side yard and would like to lease it out ( for a small, really small fee) let me know. I can no longer afford to pick up or drop to school anymore. I love my big vehicle ( or presidential motorcade), I love that we all fit in it comfotablly. I love that we can fit all 3 hockey bags, soccer bag, and a weeks worth of our lives in the back, but I HATE the PRICE OF GAS !!! I can not belive how expensive it has become and that is exactly where all my money goes!! So check your garages and side yards for that spare mini van and give me a call- I will hitch a ride in a non gas gussling vehicle and gladly come pick it up.