Monday, June 2, 2008

Just a couple pics......

Dman had the opportunity to play for a summer tournament team in anaheim for memorial dayy weekend. It made ofr a great weekend for the family, and uick trip to disneyland and a much needed break from reality. He played great and had 8 points for the weekend.

Another father daughter Dance

This time is was a hoe down. The achievement day girls put on a fahter daughter night. Dad and Amber had a great time. Thanks Paige for taking me to the "shed" to find Amber a swinging outfit !!

Howdy partner !!!

One of the many uses of hockey tape

We have this on going thing in our house that no matter what is broken- hoceky tape can fix it !! We have used hockey tape for several school projects and household repairs but I think Tyson has definetly found the best way to use hockey tape. Apparently he lost his laces so why not use hockey tape !!!