Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tyson's big day at the Sharks Tank

Tyson's hockey team was chosen to play a scrimmage game during the first intermission of the Sharks game today. He also was lucky enough to be chosen to be interviewed as the " future sharks player" where he answered some questions and had his picture displayed on the jumbo-tron as well. He was so excited and had a blast. We were all able to go to the game. The sharks won 3-1 against the Atlanta Thrashers. Tyson is # 11 with the white helmet on.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Hmm....which one doesn't belong ?? The one with the beautiful, perfectly intact TEETH!! Yes, folks it finally happened. After about 29 years on the ice, Drew took a high stick to the face during a pick up hockey game and it happened. He lost one completley and half of the front one. I am having way to much fun taking care of my " hillbillie" man. His wonderful dentist ( Mark Mayer- You rock !!) dropped by a retainer with a fake tooth on it to hold him over until next week when he heads back to the oral surgeon for more work. Tomorrow we are headed the pro shop to pick up a new facemask for his helmet... you know, the one that we have been meaning to go buy but just havent had enough time.

Rocket Tooth

We couldnt resist. It was jsut hanging there. About to fall out at any moment. So we went for it. Amber grabbed her floss, Dad grabbed his christmas present ( the nerf rocket launcher) and it was all over. It took 3 tries but we got it!! The funniest part was that we heard it hit the wall and all went looking for it. We thought we found it right away, but it was actually a peice of popcorn. Thank goodness Maria, the cleaning lady comes on monday

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My own little macworld

This is what I came downstairs to the other night. I have no idea what they were even looking at or do I even want to know, but nontheless I thought it was adorable.

LOCKS OF LOVE- 3rd edition

Three out of the four Phillips have donated to the Locks of Love. We waited and waited for her 3rd birthday before she got her first haircut but momma couldnt stand it anymore. We absolutley LOVE it and wished I would have done it sooner. Good job Amber, Dman and Ava. WE are so proud of you for your willingness to be so generous and helpful to those in need.


I have officially become a full time taxi driver for a dancer, soccer player and two hockey players. Yes, Tyson has because the latest Phillips to join the hockey madness. We are so excited that he has decided to be number 11. That makes my life as a hockey mom so much easier. They both had games this weekend in Roseville, -although they werent to exciting of games, the both boys made it to the scoresheet. Both for penalties !! Way to go boys. Way to make your Hockey Momma Proud !!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Tyson's 7th B-day

Wow- Tyson is already 7 !! Boy does time fly by. He had a rockin' party at SuperFranks. Of course he chose to have the Glow in the Dark Mini Golf party. It was great and the best part was that I wasnt in charge !! Superfranks rock- they take care of everything. We had two party hosts that kept all the kids having fun and under control. I have found our party place from now on !
Happy Birthday Ty !!