Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A mini pizza for my brave girl

Ava had her physical for kindergarden on monday. She and Tyson are my only brave ones. The older two kick, fight, scream, bite, and run when it comes time for them to have shots. The younger two laugh and pick what arm or thigh they want it in. Ava did great. She had her TB, hemoglobin and her 5 year old immunizations and barley a tear. Of course she ws so excited that if she was a "brave" girl she a got a coupon for a free mini pizza from papa murphys. She couldn't believe that she got her very own pizza. She was so happy about that , she barely paid attention to the shots. I wonder what it would take to distract the older kids.....NOTHING !!

The only concern Ava had about her appointment was when her Dr commented on her wearing her princess "sunday" undies when it was monday. He told her that for kindergarden she needs to have the days of the week right. I thought it was very cute and funny but know shes all freaked out that if he tells the school she wont be able to go to kindergarden.

Summer team 2009- part two

LA for 4th of July tournament. Great parents, awesome players, beautiful Huntington Beach, fireworks, blowing up "Jerry", and a 2nd place trophy.

Which one is real??

Hmmm.... tough call.

P P P Pokerface !!!

The girls keep us entertained one evening with their dance routine to Lady Gaga's pokerface. Im lovin the good use of my new tupperware box that didnt make it out to the recycle.

Summer Team 2009- part one

This is from our trip to Valencia in May. Tons of fun, great kids and parents. And a first place trophy !!

Monte Vista High 2009- 2022

My little baby is all grown up. She graduated from preschool in june and is ready to move on kindergarden. She has attended preschool where she will hopefully graduate high school ( yes, I love it here and hope to never leave). Im to be able to take this same picture of her in 2022 on her graduation day. GO MUSTANGS !!

Character Counts...

This is Ty during his 1st grade performance called " character counts". I think Tyson has plenty of character... you can count on that !!