Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tangles the Monkey

Tyson was excited today afterschool because he got to take home " Tangles" the classroom mascot. Tangles goes home with someone everday for a sleepover. Tyson has patiently waited his turn, and today was his lucky day. Tangles comes with a basket and a journal to write about all the fun things you do with Tangles. Tyson made sure that they rode skateboards, ate mac-n-cheese and bananas for lunch, played at the park during Amber's soccer practice and had dinner at his favorite place other than TB- Primos Pizza. He is absolutely loving school. I worked in his classroom on monday. I didnt realize how long it has been since I have had a kindergartner. That is definetly my favorite school year. I love all the songs and art projects. Someday, Ty, when you are old enough to read this- Thank you for being such an awesome kid. I love your love and passion for everything!! ENJOY-

Cutest Thing Ever !!!!

Halloween Costume

OMG- (as Amber says) I could not resist this cutest fairy princess costume. We tried it on at the childrens place and she has been wearing it every since. She reminds me of the girl in the " bee song". We had to take pictures. By the time halloween comes, we will both probably be tired of the costume. I added some pictures of Dman. He is "chillin" after school and probably thankful that he doesn't have hockey practice tonight.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tyson's Spy Kit

OK, so Drew was helping the boys clean up and organize their room when he can across Tyson's lunch box. He used to keep all of his tech decks in there. Well look what we found inside. I used to think this kid was a superheroe, but maybe he is an international spy. Hmmm....Jason Bourne.......

Monday, September 10, 2007

Pictures from our day of firsts

Day of First

Well, this was a busy weekend for the Phillips family. Friday was Ava's first dance class. She is doing jazz and tap. She had a great time. She loves it !! We may get tired of hearing her practice in her tap shoes on the wood floor, but hey, I love seeing her so happy.

Amber had her first soccer game on saturday morning. Her game was at 8 am and it was freezing. She plays for the strikers and is a midfielder and she rotates in as a defensemen. She did awesome and had fun with her fiends.She is # 69 GO STRIKERS !!!

Tyson's first game was later that day at 11am. It was soooo hot !!! It was hilarious watching 10- 5 year old boys chase the ball. They were so competetive. There was alot of pushing going on. Tyson made some awesome playings including taking the ball all the way down field and scoring a goal, to bad it was for the other team !!! We were yelling at him to turn around but he was to excited to stop.He is # 6

Dman had his second practice as a OAkland Bears Squirt A team. The boys all play well toether and we are expecting to have a rockin season. We did very well last year and made it to playoffs, so we definetly have high hopes for this season. D was excited to be back with all his friends and make some new ones. We also have 2 brand new sheets of ice ( a BIG deal to hockey players)to play on. One ever has our new bears logo on it. I got to practice late and did not get a picture of dman in his gear but I did get the new logo. GO BEARS !!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Although Drew and I were tired from our weekend we decided to take the kids to Santa Cruz for the day. As you can tell we had fun. The kids got to ride on some rides, eat corndogs and dip n dots, and of course the boys had to hit the " gnarlyest" skate park ever !!! The boys have become quite the "skaters". I think we have been to atleast 5 skateparks within 30 minutes of home. This was our first time heading over in the Santa Cruz/monterey direction since moving so we could not believe it only took us about 50 minutes!! All in all the day was good but we had a little drama at the beach. I told myself that I was not going to talk about it anymore, but with our recent ( and Im sure prompted by this ) trip to the temple I just cant keep my mind off of what happen and how thankful I am to have ALL my kids with me. We first started our day hangin out on the beach. Drew had boy patrol, the were skim and boogie boarding, and I had girl patrol, they were playing in the sand right in front of me. I was laying down watching the girls and trying to work on my horrible tan when a group of people walked by and blocked my view of the girls. I sat up a to see around the group when I noticed Ava was gone. My eyes were literally off of her for 5 seconds and she was gone. I immediatley got up and began calling her and looking around. I will save the horrible details of mine and Drews panic, but after about 10 minutes ( im not exaggerating ) the fire trucks, police, lifeguards, helicopter, and divers were all there getting ready to start a search for her when a mexican couple who were sitting by us and starting looking for her with us came walking up holding her hand. She said that she was looking for me and couldnt find me. She was standing by a lifeguard station crying when they saw her. some how, someway we ( ava and I ) must have passed each other in our search for each other. The other kids were just sitting on the beach crying and calling for her while Drew "dug" through the waves and I was running up and down the beach yelling for her. We were all emontionally drained and I think the kids may be permanetly scarred by this. We all spend about 20 minutes just crying and holding her on the beach then we began the talk about how thankful we were that Ava thought to go to the lifeguard station but we also went over other important things like dont walk off- stay with your siblings!!! It all happened so fast and I never want to relive or experience that again, but I cant help but thinking what I could of, should of done. There was one woman down about 2 lifeguard stations that when I asked her if she had seen my daughter she immediatley said that she would help me find her and that she would pray for her. After I held Ava for while I went to that woman and told her that Ava was safe. She immediatley thanked the Lord and hugged me. I know that she was not of the same faith, but that she had faith. Why didnt I think to pray? I was so lost and upset but I know that Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers. I know that He would lead us to her and comfort her and us. I am so grateful for that woman who thought, who knew, to fall to her knees and pray to her Heavenly Father. Who knew that a fun trip to the beach would cause so many emontions in all of us and be a testimony builder for us. I can't begin to explain how thankful, grateful, blessed we are to be all together.

Monday in Santa Cruz

Family Home Evening on Wednesday night

Drew called me this afternoon and asked if the kids and I could meet him at the temple and bring a picinic dinner. What a great idea that was. We were able to walk the grounds and go through the visitors center. We were all excited to see the Book of Mormon that was on display. It is a copy of one of these first ones. The kids were very interested in learning and were on their best behavior. We enjoyed our picinic dinner in my car and then headed out to the rink to watch dad's game. I will try to post the video we took of the game, but it wasnot his best performance. He broke 2 sticks in one game. All in all it was a great night and it is always a great feeling to be at the temple. I was able to remind myself how blessed we are to have a temple so close and it was wonderful to hear my kids tell me of all the great blessings that come from attending the temple.

Ode to Jennie

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Ode to Jennie

This weekend ( labor day weekend)Drew and I went away for a much needed vacation. Well actually he was best man in cousin Rob's wedding and there was plenty of work involved, but we were without kids in the little but beautiful town of Murphy's. We absolutley loved the few days of sleeping in, eating our meals while they were hot not hearing " mom,mom, mom" every 2 minutes. Our darling Jennie, who has been our sitter for years was able to come from Rocklin to stay with the kids. They all had so much fun. The kids have missed not having her around so they could not wait for her to get here. I am so thankful for her. Its so nice to have someone who you can trust stay with your kids ( other than grammy, of course). I have put this slide together with pictures we took on sunday night and some from last time Jennie was with us. Thanks again Jennie !!!! We love ya !!!!