Sunday, November 23, 2008

Our Fearless Leader and the dog

Kronk got to come with us to Mt. Diablo yesterday. He was so good and had fun climbing the rocks. He ended up sitting on my lap in the front seat of the truck on the way up the mountain. I dont know what is wrong with my dog. He thinks he is still a baby. He may weigh 100 pounds and scare most of the people as we go for our neighborhood walks- but to him, he still thinks he's my little baby and I can carry him around everywhere. Oh Kronkie Pooh !! Oh and my real baby Ava- rules the rocks. She is such an awesome climber and just does her own thing while out there. I just stay in the back and try not to freak out.

Proper use of eating utensils

During our saturday family lunch date Drew and I decided to have a "who has the best resturant manners" contest. The winner got to pick the treat for the day. Needless to say, Tyson was not the big winner. As soon as we set the rules- Tyson had his napkin unrolled and spoon on the nose !! I just want to say a big Thank You to Bob Jackson for teaching my child that talented skill. We got a big laugh over it and realized how much we miss our hockey family from last season.

Shasta July 4- October 11

We were finally able to give Shasta a proper burial. We ttok her up to Mt. Diablo and help a memorial service for her/him.
Thank you Shasta for being such a wonderful pet!! We enjoyed every moment we had with you !!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I think its been a while since I posted un update on our crazy busy family. Its been wild but a lot of fun lately.
Dman is a full blown " tweener". He spends all his time texting, listening to his mp3, acting way more mature than he really is and goofing off to much. The kid is always having fun. Sometime we have to remind him that we are his parents- not on of his " homies". He also has become the " babysitter". He is doing a great job at it. Drew and I have gone on 3 dates to the movie theater ( which is 4 mins from the house ) and he has done a great job. Dad has talked to him about being a good babysitter and not being mean to his siblings like he was when he had to babysit. So far so good. Of course I text him every 10 minutes to check in and he is always sweet and reassures me then says " go enjoy your quiet time with daddy we love you". I have saved that text and read it often....

Amber is taking a hip hop class and the dance studio by our house and she LOVES it. We can be anywhere and she will bust a move. We get some weird looks from the " snooty's" out here in blackhawk when she start to pop and lock it down the ailse at safeway. I just smile my proud momma smile. She got a new phone for her birthday so she has also become a texting queen. Thank goodness for verizon and our ulimited text plan !!

Tyson is tyson. He just finished a rocking soccer season. He hasnt decided if he likes to be called " beckham" or " ramses- the greatest luchadore of all time". His team did great and he will be joining them for indoor this season. He thinks he is a spy and sneaks up on us all the time. I caught him out of the corner of my eye while in the shower- do a james bond roll from one side of the hallway to the other- leave me a note that he wrote me- then roll right back and outta the room.

Ava is just stinking hilarious. We try so hard not to laugh especially when we should be disciplining her, but sometimes you just cant help it. Her prayers are so long and latley she has been asking to get help winning the games she plays with her siblings, especially bonoboly. yes, its monopoly but not in her language. At church a while back, of course loudly during sacrament meeting, she said " daddy look- you match that guy right there- you are both wearing white shirts with cupholders !!!

As for us old folks- we are having a blast hanging out with these creatures. Just taking it one day at a time and enjoying every one of them

Figi Anyone??

I was surfing the blog world and checking in with some friends of ours who joked about moving to Figi due to the outcome of the election- I agreed sounds good to me !! Of course we're thinking of somewhere not so tropical. Canada of course- me and the beach got out voted for ice rinks on every corner !!

Watch out Canada- Here we come !!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Pics

The Tooth Fairy

what an exciting week for Tyson !! He lost his 2 front bottom teeth this week. One on the way to school on tuesday morning and one on saturday night. He is so excited !! He woke up on wednesday morning with a % dollar bill under his pillow. Of course we went to target that very day to buy another light saber ( we now have 6 in the house). He was surprised to wake up this morning to another 5 dollar bill. Shopping will have to wait until monday but what are the chances that we are going to have another light saber added to our collection !!! Love you, Tyson


Another great halloween has come and gone. We had a name tag, candy corn witch, bumblebee transformer and a cheerleader. Trunk or treat at church was a blast and we had our traditional trick or treat with the thompson's and pizza after. This year we went to a fabulous neighborhood that made me feel like we were at " wisteria lane". The neighborhood was beautiful, full of kids, and every house was decorated. It rained lightly but was not cold. We all agreed that this was the best halloween ever !!! We finished up the night at garlex pizza with the thompson's where suenn and I enjoyed watching all our cute kids in the costumes have a blast playing with each other and our men playing video games all night. I cant wait to do it again next year !!