Sunday, July 13, 2008

email address

We have a new email address. For those of you who have our old one... our new one is the same its just @ Update your address books !!

Ava's Sunday

I should have known when Ava woke up that she was going to be hot on her game today. She woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed first thing this morning and was going strong every since. The primary kids were taught by the young mens and young womens today. Ava had her teachers in stitches the whole time and check out the size of the flower that she got for me on their walk. The ym/yw were just cracking up when they brought Ava in to give me my flower. Later after church we were all relaxing watching tv when Ava came running around in her awesome get up !! You like it?? I tried so hard to get a picture of her in action but of course she smells a camera from a mile away and has to strike a pose.

Day at Lake Siskiyou

Lake Siskiyou

We spent one day at lake Siskiyou. I had forgotten how much the kids love the beach (the beach incident from last year- see old posts). We went to lake shasta but its basically a boating beach, Lake Shastina water is low, and Siskiyou has a great beach so thats were we went. Amber and Drew went out on the boat we got. They got pretty brave and went out as far as they could (to the ropes) and back. Tyson loves hanging on the beach playing in the sand. And Ava was on an extremly short leash and did fine. Drew and I hung out on the beach watching kids and relaxing. I actually got a tan...mission accomplished.

Kronk's 2nd Birthday

It just so happens that Kronk's 2nd birthday is only a couple days after the the 4th so he got to spend the week with us at the lake. He did a great time. He is so big but he is still such a baby. My favorite picture is the one where is is hanging over the seat watching Dman play his gameboy. Happy Birthday Kronkie Donkie !!

More Shastina

We had a blast at the lake but there were no fireworks on the 4th. With all the fires the area decied not to do any fireworks. This was the first year in our married life ( drew's whole life) that we did not watch fireworks. We have promised the kids that we would go to an A's came with firworks. We cant let a whole year go by without fireworks. We did have "sparklers" for the kids to do. There were the ugliest big flying bugs everywhere, so of course Drew decided to include them in our fourth of July celebration. The pictue is what the bug looked like the following morning. But we learned our lesson- you leave them alone- they'll leave you alone. For the rest of our week there we dealt with hundreds of these bugs, I am afraid that we killed there leader.

Golf at Lake Shastina

What the Phillips have been up to...

Wow, Its been a long time since I have sat down in front of the computer to update my blog. We have had so much craziness going on I dont know where to begin. We have been fortunate lately and have been able to enjoy some great time with each other. We have also been blessed with some great job opportunities as of late. One of the great perks of Drew's job is that they have a land development in Lake Shastina. So of course we had to go up there for the 4th and take care of some business. They have one fully furnished duplex for us to stay in whenever Drew needs to tend to any of the work needed up there. It is a gated complex on a golf course. The streets are paved so the kids got to have free rein of the neighborhood. They set up a cool track for their bikes and had a blast collecting stray golf balls.

We had some thrilling experiences with wildlife. We got there pretty late on thursday night, but friday morning when we woke up we found a cute little frog in the kitchen sink. We all were fascinated by the frog but decided to let it back into his natural habitat. Amber of course fell in love with the frog and wanted to keep it. We told her that if it came back she could keep the frog. Who knew that the stinkin' thing would hop right back into the house before we could even shut the door. Therefore, one hour long trip to petsmart later, Shasta our pet frog has a new home and now lives with us . We also experienced some playful foxes running on the course. A couple black and orange snakes trying to golf with us. And Ava was out on the bike course by herself when an 8 point buck and his family decided to cross right in front of her. Lets just say she cried, mom panicked and Dad rode dmans bike faster than it had ever gone.