Monday, August 27, 2007

Beach Trip

We had a fun round trip to Muir Beach last week. I love the area that I live in, but if I ever moved away it would have to be to the beach. my kids just love the beach and look like beach bums. They had fun running around chasing the waves and covering each other in sand. They did get in trouble for throwing sand ( thanks to Ava for starting it) and had to sit and watch the waves for a while.

First Day of School

Well its finally here.... the first day of school. summer is offically over. It hasn't been toexciting but it was relaxing. Dman is the big man on campus- 5th grader- he went in as casually and calmly as ever. Nothing phases him. Amber was up and feeding the dog by 7am and was giggling with excitement the whole way there. Tyson was just as excited. I have been plesantly surprised that I made it throught the "kissing hand " last night and the leaving him in class today without any tears!!! Maybe because its my third time doing it- or its just Tyson, he is way to cool for tears. He came home with his classroom bookbag and a bag of goodies from his teacher. Amber came home with a reading assignment that of course she did the second she walked in the door. And Dman only had a paper for me to sign that I agree to the " NO" late homework policy. This should go over REAL well this year. He is excited to " rotate" tomorrow. They to that to get them prepared for middle school. So he will meet all 3 of his core teachers tomorrow. The year has started. We only had hockey practice on mondays so tonight is a light one. Dinner is in the crock and we are ready to go.................

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Lov it, Love it !!!!

Thanks Janelle, I love it . Its so cute. now I just have to get all my pics from my camera ready to go. This should keep me busy for a while.

The last man standing...

Ok I may be posting this twice but yes, what you are seeing is real.. I, Jackie Phillips, have created a blog. And I did it all by myself( ok Janelle, I now need help with the header) I have given in, but I did hold out quite a long time, boy am I stubborn. With all the new and exciting thinks that the kiddos have going on this year, how could I not share them with you. Bear with me while I figure this thing out..