Friday, February 26, 2010

Bardyard Boogie

It was time for Vista Grande's annual father/daughter dance. This year it was a hoedown. The beginning of a new era for us. Amber has moved on to middle school but the first dance for Ava in kindergarden. They looked absolutley adorable. Im lovin the boots. Dad has done a great job keeping me posted with pics from his phone. Ava even won the candy jar. She guessed the right number !! Dad looked like one hot farmer boy with his scruffy beard ( Ava asked him to grow it out just for tonight) And he went with "no tooth"- the perfect hillbilly !!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Parties and Baptisms- Who could ask for anything more

We've had a whole lot of partys going on over here. We had a "wii" tournament for Tyson's family party and enjoyed some yummy skateboard cake ( thanks to Gpa, Gma and Aubrey)and some fierce competition. I think Uncle Josh was the big winner that night but Aunt Janis definetly has the boxing "skills" in the fam.

We then celebrated Tyson's Batptism this past saturday. It was a beautiful day outside and he was so excited. I think he was more excited to get his scriptures than anything else. We are so blessed to have such great family and friends who came out to share this day with us. We were surrounded by great friends from near and far and such wonderful family. Tyson was indeed thankful for all the love and support he recieved. We of course ended the evening with good food, yummy sweets ( thanks Aub) and some more Wii. Big props to Grandpa for winning his first tennis match and to Aubrey for killing us all in bowling. Be warned all family members who attend the next Phillips Wii Night- us Phillips' will have matching headbands !!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I cant wait until I'm eight....

Tyson is eight today !! He is so excited to be eight. We are celebrating his birthday this year in Lake Tahoe. Both the boys are playing in a tournament this weekend so we are making a vacation out of it. We have build a snowman and spent the afternoon "tubing". The kids are lovin just hanging out in the snow.

Besides spending his birthday in Tahoe, Tyson is so excited to be baptized. We are so happy for him and look forward to his baptism day. He is such an awesome kid with an amaing spirit. He may keep us on our toes but he has such a caring spirit and it just beams off of him. He was so excited to open his presents. He got everything on his wish list- Earplugs for his ipod, cool black and white checkered backpack and belt, red jeans and a tux ( suit for church). I thought his birthday list fit him perfectly !

We love you Tyson !! Happy Birthday TyTy