Thursday, November 5, 2009

The phone call and metal

Yesterday was the beginning of a LONG process for Amber. The first part of her expander and Herbst bar were place in her mouth. She is a trooper about it but not having a good time eating with all this "metal" in her mouth.

It finally happened. I got a midday "call" from Tyson's teacher. Yes, I know what you guys are thinking, I too assummed that I was getting the "Tyson said... or Tyson did... " call, but I was pleasantly surprised.

When I answered, Tyson's teacher told me that he had advanced a level in reading and was so excited that he had to call me. She then asked me if I was "tearing up" because she was over his excitment. He was soo happy and proud to tell me of his accomplishment. What an awesome kid and what a great teacher to allow him to call me during classtime. I appreciate her doing that and for also sharing in his enthusiasm and mine. That phone call absolutley made my day. By far the best phone call EVER !!


Aub said...

The braces process has begun! I can't wait to see her teeth & jaw change & see the final product. Let's see if her teeth change as fast as Drew's. Way to go Ty! Not only is it great that he moved up a level in reading but that he has a teacher nice enough to let him call you with his great news.

Katrice Phipps said...

Good job Tyson! Hang in there Amber, just think how perfect your teeth will be when your all done!

scrumches bunches said...

Okay Amber you are on the road to beautiful smiles forever. Way to go Tyson keep up the good work,I think that we could use more teacher's like Ty's that are willing to let the kids share there enthusiasim at the moment it is happening.

Pam said...

Loved the story about Tyson!

Poor Amber. Scotty had an expander and it worked wonders, but I swear he only would eat smoothies for a week after it was put in. After a few more teeth fall out he'll be set to get his braces... Zach has braces right now and they are not bad at all (well except for the price tag).

Can you get on my blog? If not, email me at and then I'll add your email to my invite list. Take Care.

Jenni said...

So cool.... not all the metal mouth (sorry Amber!- I have had lots of metal mouth... it sucks), but great job Ty!